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How Was Your Experience?

Dear friends:

We sincerely invite you to join our volunteer team and participate in this unique and meaningful growth journey. In Starry Space UK, a healthy, pure and back-to-nature space, we are committed to building an environment that supports, inspires and promotes personal growth, an energy field that allows people to connect and recharge. We believe that everyone has unlimited potential that needs to be awakened, and by working together, we can better manage our physical and mental health, get along with others effectively, clarify the direction of life, and rejuvenate and reshape ourselves.

Our activities:

Are you also confused, overdrafted and internally consumed? Do you also look forward to gaining physical, emotional, financial, and time freedom? We will regularly hold colorful personal growth activities in London to truly solve the practical problems in everyone's life. This is a valuable opportunity for you and us. Please bring your life issues to find answers. Family of origin, interpersonal processing, accumulated emotions, the way out... You will re-recognize yourself, understand life, understand the rules of the world, regain physical and mental health, and rejuvenate and rebuild your life. This is not just the transfer of knowledge, but also upgrading oneself through personal experience and practical actions. We will learn in the form of forums and lectures, while enjoying delicious food and drinks. We will also enjoy the precious pure and sweet joy in life in the workshops of drinking tea, arranging flowers, baking, and reading together, and gain enlightenment through experience. We sincerely welcome you all and welcome every friend who wants to experience it to join us. We look forward to seeing you all together!


Event information

Location: 90 London Road, SE1 6LN

Time: Open all year round

What are we doing
  • Sharing knowledge: After years of accumulation, practice and summary, condensed principles are transformed into simple and effective methods;

  • Build an environment together: create a healthy, pure and natural space for people to absorb nutrients;

  • Problem Solving: Suitable for everyone according to their aptitude, so that you will be truly amazed by your own changes.

For more information, please visit the official website to learn more!


Volunteer Responsibilities
  • Assist with event planning and preparation;

  • Welcome and guide participants, and assist the organizer during the event to ensure the event goes smoothly;

  • Assist in promoting events, documenting processes and gathering feedback.

Why join us?
  • You will receive a high-value volunteer certificate to pave the way for the future;

  • You will receive free one-to-one, group building and other forms of knowledge and skills internship training in the early stages of joining (the number ranges from 3 to 8 times, and the cycle is about 1 to 2 months);

  • Exercise communication, rationality, efficiency, and emotionally stable working abilities and thinking;

  • Opportunities to work with like-minded people, accumulate contacts, and build your own social network;

  • Get directions for improving yourself and future employment options, break through cognitive limitations, and broaden the boundaries of knowledge;

  • Contribute to building a healthy and civilized environment;

  • All food is free at every event.



How to join

want to beStarry Space UKVolunteer? Please send an email to and provide your name, CV and brief personal description (including but not limited to: self-introduction, your eating habits, your enthusiasm and motivation for Starry Spaces activities, your direction in life Understanding and personal future planning, your need to volunteer, the help you can provide and the time you can devote).

We look forward to working with you to work together for a better self and future!


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